New cameras!

Today I received two cameras in the mail! One I was expecting, the other was a surprise from my incredible wife.

The camera I was expecting was the ATC2K Helmet Cam:

ATC2K Helmet Cam

ATC2K Helmet Cam

No, I don’t do any extreme sports. I don’t even do non-extreme sports. But I do like to film, and have always wanted a helmet cam. I can think of dozens of shoots that I’ve done where this would have come in handy, and I can’t wait to start using this. I already have a shoot lined up for the newspaper about bike safety, and I know I’ll be using my new toy for it. I’ll be sure to post a video here when I take the camera on its maiden voyage.

The camera I wasn’t expecting was the 8mm Revere Eight:

Revere Eight- Model 88

Revere Eight- Model 88

It came with the box, manuals, even film in it that I accidentally exposed when the back swung open. Whoops. This camera is awesome, and came out of nowhere. My wife rocks. Last year she bought me an 8mm Kodak Brownie.

8mm Kodak Brownie

8mm Kodak Brownie

Both cameras work just fine, so eventually I’m going to find a reason to shoot and edit some 8mm film.

Alida and I have been collecting antique cameras for years, and finally started displaying them at the house. Here’s what the collection looked like earlier this year:

Camera collection

Camera collection

Since then we’ve acquired a bunch of new cameras and about 5 more shelves. Now I have some more motivation to put the rest of the shelves up and take some photos. I’ll post some shots of our massive collection once I make it pretty.


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