Rain was no match for this wedding

I can’t believe I’ve been done with this wedding for so long and haven’t blogged about it!

Rachel and John Coleman invited me to document their beautiful wedding in Springfield, which has become one of my favorite places to work. It seems like everytime I shoot a wedding there, I either see old friends and clients, or I work with great new photographers, DJs, and bands.

Here were some of the highlights from the day:

Church audio-
First United Methodist Church in Springfield has the most amazing audio setup, and by far the most helpful staff I’ve ever worked with. Their audio technician was behind the soundboard the entire time, and was able to feed me everything from the speakers to the musicians.

The rain-
The rain normally isn’t a highlight of the day, but it let up just in time for the exit from the church and plenty of outdoor photography. It didn’t start back up until everybody was settled in at Panther Creek Country Club. And when it started up, there was a lightning show on the patio all night.

The live band-
I’ve already said how much I enjoy live bands at weddings. Still Kick’n was the night’s entertainment, and it was a fantastic show. With heavy storms passing through, the power flickered and went off several times. One time the power stayed off for about 10 minutes. Without missing a beat, the band grabbed their acoustic guitars and performed in the middle of the dance floor until the lights came back on. Here’s a clip of them entertaining in the dark:

Those are just the things that stood out as extraordinary in my mind. As always, the friends, family, bride, and groom were a blast to work with. I love knowing that the end of my work day is always going to be full of a bunch of happy people dancing and celebrating. Take a look at the video to see what I mean!


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