Short Films

I live to entertain. I like to tell stories and jokes, I like to sing and play the piano, and I love to write and produce movies.

Shooting a short Christmas comedy

Hugh Sullivan Productions is the banner for my efforts in the art of film making. With a wide selection of top-of-the-line equipment and a large group of talented people, I have finally been able to see my work go from paper to much, much, more.

Shooting the comedy-slash-CIA thriller, "Enhance It!"

I have dozens of projects ready to leave the pre-production stage, all I need is the right cast and crew. So take a look at what I’ve done, and then take a look at what I’d like to do. If you would like to be part of something fun, please contact me! My email address is

Oh, What A Laugh (21 Film Project Top 20 Finalist)

Miracle Swap (7th place in the Miracle Whip video contest)

Enhance It!
This movie is currently in post-production. You can read more about it, and see photos, here!

Pandora’s Fridge
This movie is in pre-production. We have actors and a crew, we just need to finish building props. Read a small teaser here!

I have many more in queue, just waiting for the final piece of the puzzle so we can start shooting.

If you would like to be involved, check out the Casting Call page and get in touch with me!


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