Casting Call!

These are all projects that are ready to shoot. If you are interested in acting or being on a film crew, take a look at the projects below and contact me!

A young man is visited by a reincarnated version of himself, back from the future. He is asked to perform good deeds to improve the quality of life for his reincarnated self. Here is a very loose animatic for the script. Be warned, it’s poorly made and contains inappropriate language:


Young man
Male, 25-30
Unmaintained facial hair and bad hygiene

Reincarnated man
Male, 25-30
Gives a bit more attention to his appearance, but is visibly the victim of a hard life

Little old lady
Female, 75+ (or old enough to pull it off with makeup, no younger than 60)
No lines, but must be OK with the untimely, off-screen death

“Nun-chuck Taylors”
A commercial that proves the old saying, “If your shoes don’t double as weapons, you might come up short when you are ambushed by ninjas.”


Shoe Model
Male, 20-30
Clean cut, pretty-boy type
Martial art knowledge a plus

Ninja #1 and #2
Male, 20-30
Lean body type
Martial art knowledge a plus

Male, 35-50
Deep, smooth voice, though I’m not expecting Don LaFontaine

“How to Win an Election”
A how-to video, narrated by a campaign manager. He describes how his black-ops team helps him rig an election in the most complicated way possible.


Campaign Manager
Male, 35-50
Clean-cut, strong jaw

Candidate A
Male, 40-60

Candidate B
Male, 40-60

Black Ops Team (3-4 people)
Male, 25-40
Lean build, strong
Short hair

Victim 1 (the housewife)
Female, 40-50

Victim 2 (the old woman)
Female, 60+
Frail build.

Victim 3 (the old man)
Male, 60+

Victim 4 (the tv watcher)
Male, 40-50


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