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Winter in Louisiana

June 1, 2010

Last December I wrote about collaboration, and getting involved in a shoot with my friend Alaric.

Alida and I spent a couple very cold days helping out with his film, “Winter in Louisiana”. Alida took stills, and I was a general grip. I tried my hand at homemade explosives, attempting to create some squibs, but was unsuccessful. Alaric’s brother and I were able to improvise with some old firecrackers from their garage, and here’s hoping that looked good on camera.

Anyway, I thought it’s been long enough since the shoot, I should probably share some of Alida’s fantastic photos!

Me measuring for focus.

The 8mm camera they used

Standing lookout for cars. (Notice I wore boots this time)

A still captured from the 8mm film

I can’t wait to see the finished product, and will share it as soon as I can. Until then, if you want to see some of Alaric’s work, visit his site!