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Senior Portraits

October 11, 2010

As wedding season draws to a close we are starting to book more family and senior portraits. This weekend we got to spend some time with Taylor Irons.

Alida hard at work

Now, I don’t know if it’s ADD, our tree-hugging nature, or a combination of both, but we just can’t help getting excited about the animals we encounter on our shoots.

While shooting in Central Park, we noticed some squirrels flirting and chasing each other. Taylor and her mom were amused as well, so we all paused to watch them.

Their hormones overrode the usual instinct to stay far away from humans, and they came right over to us. The male took a break in the bushes about a foot away from Taylor’s mom, so Alida snapped a few photos.

He's just playing hard-to-get

Casanova is now ready to chase his mate into the street some more

So that was pretty fun. If you think the squirrel photos are cool, wait until you see the shots Alida got of Taylor. Whenever they are posted, I’ll make sure to link to them! Check back soon!


Multiple roles

October 1, 2010

When I’m not shooting video alongside my lovely wife, I wear many other hats. Sometimes I lug equipment and give moral support, sometimes I’m actually in the shot.

This is a poster for Richland Community College’s showing of “Macbeth.” We set up a backdrop and I got to dress up in a cloak. I also had a reason to dig into my knife/sword/sharp stuff collection and find a blade that would accent the photo.

Yes, that's my hairy arm. It's also my dagger.

Most of the time I don’t get to be the star, but I still end up getting a few photos of myself in the process.

This is me striking a sexy pose on the set of a photo shoot for the Thrive Entertainment Guide.

Why am I so good? I used to watch a lot of "America's Next Top Model"

After standing in to test the lights, we brought in our subjects. The focus of the article is psychics and Janet from Troupe Dynamic was one of our models.  Now it was my turn to duck down in the back and work the fog machine.

This is the final product, seen all over the Decatur area on the cover of Thrive!

Make sure you grab a copy!

One more thing, you might remember our Troupe Dynamic videos that we were producing every month for Thrive. Although we haven’t done one of those in quite a while, the Troupe is still alive and well. In CARTOON form!

I'm the bearded one on the far right, if you didnt know.

You now have plenty of reasons to pick up a copy of Thrive. Cool articles, awesome photos, and me as a cartoon. Get on it.

Becky and Jeremy engagement shoot!

May 30, 2010

It’s been a long time since I actually shot this video, and I am finally getting to posting it.

Becky and Jeremy are a really fun and outgoing couple, which made it easy to do two separate days of shooting. Alida and I shot all over the place, from a park full of leaves, to the top floor of a parking garage. It didn’t matter where we took them, they were all for it, and really made each setting their own. The photos turned out great, and I can’t wait to shoot the wedding!

By the way, the YouTube player automatically starts the resolution off at 360, so I suggest cranking it up to 1080HD and watching full screen. Cheers!

Check back soon for updates on several more projects!


December 16, 2009

After spending a few years shooting video for the newspaper, I grew more and more anxious to branch out and do some more independent projects. As soon as I put the word out that I was interested in doing some creative work on the side, there was no shortage of opportunities.

Alaric Rocha is an extremely talented filmmaker and friend that works up in the Chicagoland area. He’s shooting a short 8mm film in February, and today I spent the afternoon doing some location scouting with him and his camera man. We sloshed through the woods and I did a little acting for a rough animatic. Here are a few photos from the adventure that left me with some scrapes on my arms and mud on my dress shoes (because I didn’t dress appropriately). When you are done reading this post, I highly recommend taking a look at Alaric’s site,

Alaric acting

Alaric acting in the ditch

I should have worn shoes like that

Trudging through the woods

On top of that, I always have Troupe Dynamic to provide me with a rich creative outlet. If you aren’t already familiar with my work with the troupe, I’d suggest taking a look. While we plan on doing some short films and skits in the future, most of our time has been dedicated to funny top-ten lists for Thrive, a local entertainment guide. Check their site for our latest video every month, and check for the latest updates on our silliness. Disclaimer: The Christmas card from our December top-ten video features me faking nudity. As realistic as it may seem, I was not naked.

Our Christmas card is rather terrifying

And, as always, I get to work with the best partner ever: my beautiful wife. This Sunday we shot a second day of an engagement session. I’m really excited about the video for this one. We went to several different locations, and the couple was really fun. Here’s a frame I grabbed from Becky and Jeremy’s video:

Sunset kiss

So that’s what I’ve been working on over that past few days. There’s even more to write about, but those can wait until I have more to show for them. As the projects keep rolling in, I’ll keep posting them here. Hope you enjoy.

College projects

November 3, 2009

After sharing Lucky Larry, I felt bad about not posting the video itself. Then I remembered I have a bunch of ridiculous projects from my video production classes at Millikin.

Complete with fancy VHS case!

Complete with fancy VHS case!

Each one of these videos features me being stupid in one way or another. Be advised, all of these videos would rank up in the PG-13 range for some inappropriate language and sexual references. They are also class projects, so cut me some slack on the production values.

Here’s a teaser trailer to give you a taste of the madness:

The first project is called “The Hazards of College.” Yes, I notice that I spelled it wrong on the box. During this production, I give terrible advice about surviving college. Fun facts: that really was my nasty dorm sophomore year, and that really was what I looked like.

The next is called “Missing Work.” I star as myself, a procrastinating student with facial hair that changes constantly during the entire video. Fun fact: the dream sequence is from a Family Guy episode.

“Action News 8” was one of my favorites to film, and foreshadows my future career in the media industry. If you are wondering why the video goes black and white for a while, it was a failed joke. The script called for an old “Emmett Kelly”-type hobo to dance through the frame. While he was on screen, everything was supposed to look old-timey. A pointless gag that didn’t quite work. Fun fact: My wife, Alida, makes her debut as one of the photographers “swarming” the scene.

My favorite of all was called “Group Dynamics.” Fun facts: The music was written and recorded by co-star Ray Noelle. Alida makes her second appearance, making out with me in the back of the editing room!

Since working on these, I think I’ve grown a little bit. I am proud to say that my work ethic and appearance has changed for the better. My sense of humor is still the same, but I have outlets for that. Some projects I am working on will feature sex, drugs, and zombies. Until then, I leave you with one more bit of college goodness… the blooper reel!

Shooting Shavon

October 19, 2009

Do you remember the fashion shoot video I did with my phone? The one with the crazy awesome models? Well Shavon was the girl in the prom dress.

After she saw the photos that my wonderful wife took, she immediately booked Alida for senior portraits. This time, I made sure to bring a real camera.

Be sure to check out the amazing photos HERE on my wife’s blog!

High fashion, low res

August 3, 2009

A few posts ago I introduced my awesome new camera, the Canon XHA1. Well now it’s time for me to show you the other weapon in my arsenal: the LG Xenon!

Yes, it’s a phone. Yes, it shoots video at 320×240 pixels. And yes, I actually shot something with it that I think is worth a crap. This is why:

My beautiful wife was doing a fashion shoot downtown, and I was tagging along to play assistant. Sometimes I work the reflector, sometimes I’m watching for excessive blinking. Anyway, I meet her at the Transfer House downtown and see that her friend and former student, Nicole, has done some awesome hair and makeup for the shoot. I start regretting that I don’t have my camera with me, but remember that my new phone shoots video, and has an 8 gig micro-SD card in it. So I started shooting with it, and was pretty happy with the results. Of course it’s grainy, and a bit choppy, but some of the shots were too good to pass up. So here it is, my QVGA video paired up with Alida’s 21.1 megapixel photos:

I am pretty sure that we will be shooting with them in the future, and next time I’ll bring the good camera. But I can rest assured that if I am caught somewhere without my XHA1, I’ll still be happy with my tiny little camera phone. Hey, what’s good for Flight of the Conchords is good for me!