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Close call

June 14, 2010

Alida and I had a great time shooting our third wedding of the season this weekend.

Becky and Jeremy are officially married!

I’m just digging into the footage to start my editing, and thought I would share a funny, yet terrifying clip from the wedding.

A thunderstorm rolled into town just as the ceremony was about to start. As the wedding party made their way down the aisle, you could hear the thunder outside and the rain hitting the roof. Just as the flower girl was making her way down, the power went out. Thankfully, the power kicked right back on, and the ceremony went on without any more problems. I’m glad that everybody was able to laugh it off, otherwise I might feel guilty for sharing this.


Car crash: a blooper from work

January 24, 2010

While I was writing the blog about having an awesome job and playing Mr. Freeze, I realized that I had a lot of interesting clips saved up. Many of them I recorded before I started this blog, so they’ve been sitting for a while. I’ll roll them out over time.

This clip is from a while back, when I was interviewing people about their voting habits as they exited the polls. As I interviewed this guy, there was a crash right behind me.

My favorite things about this clip:

  • The interviewee’s reaction
  • His commentary
  • The angle of the tire as the car pulls into the parking lot

College projects

November 3, 2009

After sharing Lucky Larry, I felt bad about not posting the video itself. Then I remembered I have a bunch of ridiculous projects from my video production classes at Millikin.

Complete with fancy VHS case!

Complete with fancy VHS case!

Each one of these videos features me being stupid in one way or another. Be advised, all of these videos would rank up in the PG-13 range for some inappropriate language and sexual references. They are also class projects, so cut me some slack on the production values.

Here’s a teaser trailer to give you a taste of the madness:

The first project is called “The Hazards of College.” Yes, I notice that I spelled it wrong on the box. During this production, I give terrible advice about surviving college. Fun facts: that really was my nasty dorm sophomore year, and that really was what I looked like.

The next is called “Missing Work.” I star as myself, a procrastinating student with facial hair that changes constantly during the entire video. Fun fact: the dream sequence is from a Family Guy episode.

“Action News 8” was one of my favorites to film, and foreshadows my future career in the media industry. If you are wondering why the video goes black and white for a while, it was a failed joke. The script called for an old “Emmett Kelly”-type hobo to dance through the frame. While he was on screen, everything was supposed to look old-timey. A pointless gag that didn’t quite work. Fun fact: My wife, Alida, makes her debut as one of the photographers “swarming” the scene.

My favorite of all was called “Group Dynamics.” Fun facts: The music was written and recorded by co-star Ray Noelle. Alida makes her second appearance, making out with me in the back of the editing room!

Since working on these, I think I’ve grown a little bit. I am proud to say that my work ethic and appearance has changed for the better. My sense of humor is still the same, but I have outlets for that. Some projects I am working on will feature sex, drugs, and zombies. Until then, I leave you with one more bit of college goodness… the blooper reel!

Football season is here!

August 26, 2009

Those of you who are into high school football are probably fully aware that the preps season is just getting started. That means a busy time for me. As videographer for the Herald & Review, I am one of two videographers responsible for being out every Friday night catching the action for the website. Once football season is over, we do the same with basketball. It may come as a surprise to those who know me, but I’m really excited about the start of the season.

That’s not to say that I have anything against sports, I’ve just always been known to pass them up for arts and music. In high school I was a thespian. In college I was an artist and musician. In both stages of my life I never really went out of my way to attend  sports events. I’d go to a baseball game now and then, but wasn’t painting my face or yelling at the players. But now going into my fourth year of covering sports I understand first-hand what I was missing. The energy in the crowds at some of these high school games is so intense that being on the sidelines to catch it is incredible.  The fact that I’m able to capture the action and then show it off to people makes it even more exciting. Now keep in mind, I only do the filming and editing. The sports reporters at the H&R still do the reporting, and the on-camera recaps of the games. During my first year shooting preps I gave the voice-overs a shot, and we all agreed that it was best to have me stick to the shooting and editing.

So, as the season approaches,  I look forward to the sights and smells of the field. I also start preparation for dodging the players that are thrown out of bounds. I’ve only been taken down twice in my 3 years of covering preps, once during football, and once during basketball. Both were minor incidents, but I will still be trying my best to avoid replays of those. Luckily for everybody, the camera was rolling both times.

  • Here I was at a holiday basketball tournament, and another camera guy was asking me if there was food in the back. I started to tell him about the awesome noodles and didn’t see the ball coming right over my head. I also didn’t see the airborne player trying to save it from going out of bounds. At least the camera saw some of him as we all spiraled to the ground.
  • This time I was actually paying attention to the game, but was still unable to avoid being crushed. I landed on my arm first, breaking my watch and cutting my arm with the twisted metal from the clasp. Then my head hit the ground, breaking the camera’s fall.

Aside from that I’ve been relatively injury-free at work. I did get hit in the head and ankle when we covered the Asian Carp on the Illinois River. Unfortunately there was no good footage to illustrate just how bad it hurts to get hit in the head with a 15 pound fish that jumps into your speeding boat.

So as the preps season heats up, if you are at a game, take a look at the sidelines. There’s a good chance you’ll see me there. If you do, it wouldn’t hurt to buy me a popcorn from the concession stand. Until then, check out for all  of the videos I shoot and edit.