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“21 Film Project” Contest: Part Three

August 3, 2009


The deadline for the “21 Film Project” contest has past, meaning I can post our entry now! I technically could have posted it Friday, but one of the actors was out of town. We insisted on being there when he watched it, to see his reaction. Now that he has seen it, I can post it. So here it is, our 2009 entry, “Pain” :


“21 Film Project” Contest: Part Two

July 21, 2009

In a previous entry I posted a video that I entered into the Land of Lincoln Credit Union film contest last year. This year, I teamed up with another film-making co-worker. In my last post you may have noticed the crudely-drawn picture of a woman giving birth to  a loan. We didn’t go with anything that graphic, but we stuck to the same theme. I think it will be pretty funny, and hopefully it will be clever enough to get us placed in this contest.

We wrapped up shooting tonight, and I thought I would throw out a little teaser clip since I haven’t posted anything in a really long time. This is me, dismantling a bomb in my basement.

Yes I made that bomb. No, it’s not real C-4, it’s a Christmas ornament box wrapped in paper. Hopefully other people will find this stuff as funny as I do. If not, I’ll just sit and laugh to myself.

Be on the lookout for the finished product, coming up soon! Also, check back Friday for an awesome post!