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A new perspective on cage fighting, literally

January 11, 2010

More MMA!

Last time I shot Round 1 Fight Night for Shihan Jeff DeVore, I was sitting cage-side and having a blast. As you can see here, I was shooting through the cage and that worked pretty well. This time they had an improved setup with a little platform attached to the cage:

Up on my perch

It was about a foot and a half square, so I had to be pretty careful, especially when the cage started shaking from the fighting. Sure my feet got tired, but it was worth it to be perched above the action.

One of Alida's wonderful photos

I am editing the video now, and hope to have it up very soon. You know where to find it once it’s done!

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More boxing action!

July 7, 2009

As I mentioned in an earlier post, a friend and co-worker of mine had her boxing debut on June 13. I filmed her fight so we could post it in her health blog. After that my wife and I stuck around to shoot the rest. You’ll have to wait to see Annie’s fight when she posts her blog. The rest of Jeff DeVore’s Round 1 Fight Night is right here.


July 1, 2009

I met Shihan Jeff DeVore last year when I was shooting a fun health video with Annie Getsinger for the Herald & Review. We went to DeVore Academy in Mt. Zion where he put her through an intense kickboxing workout to show her what it involved. During that trip he challenged both of us to start taking classes. It was an extremely generous and rewarding offer that we both took full advantage of, and the doors have been open to us ever since. Now, as my gut probably reflects at the moment, I fell off the wagon and haven’t been to kickboxing class in quite a while, but Annie kept with it. As a matter of fact she just had her first boxing match, and her first win, last month. That video will be up on the H&R website soon, and I’ll be sure to post the link here on my blog.

Last August, Shihan DeVore hosted a boxing night here in Decatur and I brought a camera ringside. Here is a small glance at the event:

As I mentioned earlier, I also shot at a more recent event, but you will have to wait to see that video on the Herald & Review’s site. But until I get that posted, I can be glad that although I haven’t been part of the action in a while, I still get to be around it. I’m really lucky to have met Jeff DeVore, and look forward to punching and kicking again soon.