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Allerton Park

October 8, 2009

I mention my wife on this blog pretty often. That’s not only because she rocks, but it’s also because we do a lot of stuff together. As a photography teacher, she spends a lot of time trying to get her students out of the classroom and shooting photos. When they do fun things, I usually tag along.

Monday, we all took a trip to Allerton Park in Monticello. While the students were wandering around shooting landscapes, I was looking for something to point a macro lens at. A while ago I promised to film more spiders to make up for the butterflies. Well, I found a spider, but I also couldn’t help shooting another butterfly.

The spider was about the size of a dime, and unlike the big, lazy spiders I filmed before, this one wouldn’t stop moving. The butterfly I expected to be jumpy, but I think it was injured. After taking advantage of his limited mobility for a while, I took him off the pavement and set him in the grass.

Later in the week, Alida took her class out to do ghost photos. I filmed some of that, so that should be up fairly soon.



October 3, 2009

I don’t have the best luck when it comes to being in the right place at the right time. If something cool happens, I probably don’t have my camera. If I have my camera, breaking news and action tends to avoid me. Lucky for me, I enjoy filming other things that don’t demand such luck.

One day, when the garden was still colorful and nice, I was taking out the garbage and saw tons of butterflies on one of the plants. I walked over to it and was happy to see that they were so busy pollinating that they didn’t care who was around. So, I ran in and grabbed the 5D Mark II and the macro lens and sat myself down. I spent most of my time following the big yellow butterfly, but did get a kick out of the brown moth who was hanging around. I  love how he scares himself when he steps on another bug. I know this isn’t anything spectacular or deep, but I like being able to look at the fuzzy mohawk and giant green eyes on the butterfly. Hopefully you enjoy it too.