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Round 1 Fight Night: April 17, 2010

May 31, 2010

17 rounds of Kickboxing, Muai Thai, and MMA! All the action gathered into one video!

I’ll have DVDs for sale soon! This video along with the individual fights! Email me to pre-order:


MMA sneak-peek

April 19, 2010

It may seem like I haven’t been working, since  I have been so bad at posting regularly. Sorry about that. The truth is that I’m once again in the middle of several projects with nothing big to show for it at the moment.

Still, that is no excuse to not take a minute to put something out here for people to enjoy. So, after shooting the latest Round 1 Fight Night, I figured I’d throw out a very short MMA bout while I edit the highlights. Enjoy this very quick guillotine choke:

Round 1 DVD Ready!

February 14, 2010

Not able to make it to the January 9th Fight Night? Did you make it, and now you’re craving to see it again? Email me to order a DVD!

Email to order a copy!

Round 1 Fight Night: 01-09-10

January 14, 2010

I’ve covered a few fight nights for Shihan Jeff DeVore, and I have to say that this was the most fun. It must have been a combination of standing above the cage and all the TKO’s because it was a blast.

I think the new vantage point allowed me to get some great footage, hopefully that setup will be available next time!

Hungry for more? Here’s another video I shot for Round 1!

A new perspective on cage fighting, literally

January 11, 2010

More MMA!

Last time I shot Round 1 Fight Night for Shihan Jeff DeVore, I was sitting cage-side and having a blast. As you can see here, I was shooting through the cage and that worked pretty well. This time they had an improved setup with a little platform attached to the cage:

Up on my perch

It was about a foot and a half square, so I had to be pretty careful, especially when the cage started shaking from the fighting. Sure my feet got tired, but it was worth it to be perched above the action.

One of Alida's wonderful photos

I am editing the video now, and hope to have it up very soon. You know where to find it once it’s done!

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