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I love Miracle Whip

August 24, 2011

I don’t love the taste, though, just the marketing.

When was the last time a company said, “Hey, could you insult the crap out of our product for us in return for a shot at $25,000?”

That’s what Miracle Whip is doing it in the form of a video contest. Take a look at their YouTube channel for their own examples, and a ton of contest entries. Here is what the rules ask for:

The video should detail how your feelings for Miracle Whip impact your relationship as in “keeping you together/married” or “potentially sending you to divorce court” and state if you are unified in love, unified in hate, or divided in love and hate.

Sure, there are a few couples who chose the “we both love your product” route, but most people are going with “my wife loves it, but I think it tastes like bottled yak spit.”

In my entry, I was planning on taking the “call your product yak spit” road, but ended up accidentally admitting I like it.

Even though I don’t. Enjoy, and wish me luck!


How we met… and almost won a free wedding

December 6, 2009

The winter before we were married, Alida and I almost won a free wedding. Her parents live within the listening range of St. Louis radio station Y98, and heard a commercial for the contest. All you had to do is get their attention with a letter or video. Obviously we went with the video, and quite possibly the greatest love story of all time:

We sent it in and they loved it. Out of hundreds of entries, we made the biggest impact on them. They wanted us to come to St. Louis to film a promo for their website, and an audio clip for a radio spot.  They said to be prepared to wow them again, because the finalists would be posted online, and the couple with the most votes would win the wedding package.

I’m a musician, so I proposed to Alida in a song. We rewrote the last verse, pleading to Y98 for the free wedding. We drove down to STL and performed it in the studio. I played piano, Alida played guitar, and we both sang. Again, they loved it.

Then we got the call, one I kind of expected.

As they were choosing the finalists, they noticed that we don’t live within their listening area. When your advertisers are giving away over $20,000 in prizes, they want to be sure they are awarding them to somebody who might come back and pay for something. With no choice, they had to disqualify us from the contest.

Needless to say, we were bummed out, but it was still pretty cool to see how much the people at the radio station liked it. We never got a copy of the promo that we shot, but soon I’ll be recording some music, and I’ll post the song that I wrote for Alida.

Once I get my recording studio set up here, this blog will be bombarded with music. Be prepared.

Wonderful Pistachios contest

November 30, 2009

I wasn’t kidding when I said I’d waste no time entering some more contests. Although, I will admit I did procrastinate quite a bit.

I’ve known about the Wonderful Pistachios contest for a while, and had a few ideas. I started drawing them up, and was feeling pretty good with lots of time in front of me. Then, as usual, I got busy with my day job and with client work, and the extras sat on the back burner. I was pretty upset when I realized the deadline had crept up so fast, but Alida (the sweetest wife ever) gave me a little pep talk and agreed to help me produce the sucker.

The video has to demonstrate how you get the pistachios crackin’. I took on the personality of an infomercial host, and drew most of my motivation from this poor old chap.

What do you think? Cross your fingers that I bring in $25,000 again!

Joint Efforts

August 29, 2009

About three months ago, a local veterinarian, Dr. Larry Baker, approached me about a contest he was entering. The  “Osteoarthritis Multimodal Case Challenge” was an effort by Novartis Animal Health US, Inc. and Hill’s Pet Nutrition, Inc.  to show that their products could help a dog with Osteoarthritis. I knew Dr. Baker from several of the animal stories I had done for the Herald & Review in the past. He liked my work, and asked me to help out with this project.

Over three months, he did tests and treatments on Sara Rose, a 6 year-old Labrador Retriever with visible joint pain. My job was to follow along and document the progress, and interview Dr. Baker, and Sara’s owner, Carolyn Sunderlik. It was a blast, and Sara Rose is doing much better!

Here is the video that was submitted along with a huge packet of test results. Beware, it’s eleven minutes long, which I know is a bit lengthy for internet audiences.

The winner won’t be announced until sometime in October, so I’ll be biting my nails until then. Wish me luck!

Keeping busy

July 29, 2009

This past week has been pretty awesome. I’ve spent the last several days on a variety of different projects. Here is the latest:

Saturday, a friend needed somebody to run a camera for him at the Civic Center. 1st-8th graders were performing versions of Disney’s 101 Dalmatians and Aladdin. It was pretty fun, I hadn’t seen either in a long time, and after hearing all the music I really wanted to go back and see them, especially Aladdin. I also got to work with a pretty cool guy who has been in the video business for a long time.

Sunday, my beautiful wife had a family portrait session, so I tagged along with the new XH-A1. We met a group of about 16 at the lake and found some really neat settings. It was a very new experience for two reasons. First, that’s the largest group we’ve ever worked with outside of a wedding; second, one of them was on crutches, which limited the shooting locations. That was a fun shoot, especially because Alida’s former student set it up, and she knew exactly what she wanted.

Monday, I did a shoot for another contest. This one deserves it’s own post, because the subject matter is a bit more complex, so I’ll give more information later. For now I’ll just say the shoot had to do with a dog, arthritis, and some really cool machines. I won’t post anything from the actual contest until we have it done and entered, but I can post something with the same flavor. While I was filming, there was a dachshund in the next room doing some physical rehab to recover from some surgery. Check it out:

And finally, Tuesday we finished the “21 Film Project” video! I’ll be posting that video here after the July 31st deadline. In the coming weeks we’ll find out if it makes it to the finals. If it does, they will have a screening on August 22nd and announce the winners. Wish us luck!

That’s what I’ve been up to lately. I’ll have some material up soon to prove it!

“21 Film Project” Contest

June 10, 2009

Land of Lincoln credit union is holding a film contest with a $1,500 grand prize. It can be about anything you want, as long as it somehow incorporates “Land of Lincoln Credit Union- Bank on Learning More”.Read more here:

Last year I submitted a rushed entry. It was not my best work, I admit, but I thought it was funny. Besides, it was fun to shoot. Here’s the video:

Here is the video that one the grand prize last year, “The Yellow Car” by Dave Heinzel:

So now I have until July 31st to come up with an idea and film it. I brainstormed with Jay from TroupeDynamic after our workshop tonight, but I assume that whatever we shoot would be a Troupe entry, so I still plan on doing something solo. I came up with an idea the other day and sketched it out real quick, but immediately realized that, as funny as I thought it was, it would never be excepted into the contest, let alone place. Here is the sketch:

Delivering a loan...

Getting a loan shouldn't be this hard

As you can see, the idea is a bit creepy. So now I plan to use this idea to film my own version of “Rejected Cartoons” by Don Hertzfeldt.

Is anybody else planning on entering this contest? Good luck to those of you who are!