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Shooting Shavon

October 19, 2009

Do you remember the fashion shoot video I did with my phone? The one with the crazy awesome models? Well Shavon was the girl in the prom dress.

After she saw the photos that my wonderful wife took, she immediately booked Alida for senior portraits. This time, I made sure to bring a real camera.

Be sure to check out the amazing photos HERE on my wife’s blog!


High fashion, low res

August 3, 2009

A few posts ago I introduced my awesome new camera, the Canon XHA1. Well now it’s time for me to show you the other weapon in my arsenal: the LG Xenon!

Yes, it’s a phone. Yes, it shoots video at 320×240 pixels. And yes, I actually shot something with it that I think is worth a crap. This is why:

My beautiful wife was doing a fashion shoot downtown, and I was tagging along to play assistant. Sometimes I work the reflector, sometimes I’m watching for excessive blinking. Anyway, I meet her at the Transfer House downtown and see that her friend and former student, Nicole, has done some awesome hair and makeup for the shoot. I start regretting that I don’t have my camera with me, but remember that my new phone shoots video, and has an 8 gig micro-SD card in it. So I started shooting with it, and was pretty happy with the results. Of course it’s grainy, and a bit choppy, but some of the shots were too good to pass up. So here it is, my QVGA video paired up with Alida’s 21.1 megapixel photos:

I am pretty sure that we will be shooting with them in the future, and next time I’ll bring the good camera. But I can rest assured that if I am caught somewhere without my XHA1, I’ll still be happy with my tiny little camera phone. Hey, what’s good for Flight of the Conchords is good for me!