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Emily & Zach’s Wedding

July 13, 2011

What a way to start off the wedding season!

I won’t lie, I always have something good to say after I shoot a wedding. It’s a fun job, and that’s why I do it. When you get that many people together, dancing and laughing, it’s hard to not have a good time.

That being said, this one was pretty awesome. It was obvious that Emily and Zach were crazy about each other, and the entire day went by without a hitch. Not only was everybody easy to work with, but there were so many photogenic moments that I had plenty to use while I was editing.

Here were a few things I really enjoyed about this wedding:

Reception hall with huge windows
This reception was at Erin’s Pavilion in Springfield, and until the sun went down the lighting indoors was amazing. Ususally the reception is very dark and intimate, which is fine because that makes for better dancing atmosphere. But for the cocktail hour and most of dinner, there were a lot of great shots.

Big windows = sweet backlight

I’ve said this before: any kind of fireworks are great at a wedding. These fine guests all gathered on the enourmous patio and formed a tunnel, each holding out a giant sparkler. The bride and groom ran through it several times for photos and video, and it was incredible.

I'm so glad none of us went up in flames...

Awesome bride
I’m lucky to say I’ve never had to work with a bridezilla. But Emily was definitely one of the most laid-back brides ever. Makeup on the groom’s tux? A little wipe-off and it’s taken care of. Falling face-first during the photo shoot before the ceremony? Laugh it off with hardly any mention of a grass stain.

Everybody made it through unhurt...

There were a lot more factors that made this a great wedding shoot, but instead of babbling on even more, I’ll just share the montage. Enjoy!


Sarah and Sam Sevener

December 5, 2010

As soon as I got back home from this wedding I knew I’d have a lot to write about, so I posted a quick blog with my observations. Now I have the montage done, so I’m sharing that as well.

While I was waiting around for the ceremony to begin I ran into Dale Becker, the father of the bride. I already knew that he was very sentimental, because he went through the trouble of setting up pyrotechnics at the reception hall to mimic a scene from “Father of the Bride.” The more I talked to him, the more I thought the things he said needed to be shared with his daughter and new son-in-law. With his permission we relocated and filmed the rest of the conversation. I’m pretty happy with the way it turned out, and hopefully Sarah and Sam will enjoy it.

Every wedding is different

October 4, 2010

Every time I shoot a wedding I see something new, and learn something different. Here are some things I learned this weekend.

Sipping chocolate is amazing
If you are ever offered a “shot” of chocolate, accept it. It wasn’t as light and milky as hot chocolate, and was almost like the syrup you would put in chocolate milk. It was amazing.

Polka dancers are unpredictable
I’ve filmed a lot of dancing at a lot of receptions, and consider myself pretty agile when it comes to staying out of the way. Until this weekend, I had never gone up against polka. I’m just glad my camera and I made it off the dance floor alive and with good footage.

Every reception hall should have mouthwash in the bathrooms
At first I thought it was weird that they would have mouthwash on the sink. But the dispenser and disposable cups made the operation pretty sterile. And if you’ve ever eaten an h’orderve with goat cheese, or leaned in to speak to somebody who had eaten one, you will agree that mouthwash should be mandatory.

Goat cheese: pungently delicious

The bride and groom can leave before the reception is over
Sarah and Sam were picked up at 11pm to be shuttled to a hotel so they could make a morning flight to their honeymoon. Seeing them leave reminded me of the film, “Love Actually.” One scene shows Kiera Knightley and her new husband leaving their reception on a boat, waving at their family and friends. It was fun to see the bride toss her bouquet, give a few farewell hugs, and then run out with her husband for their trip.

Sarah and Sam Sevener wave goodbye to family and friends

It’s OK to borrow from Hollywood
The father of the bride was impressed with the fireworks scene in the film, “The Father of the Bride” so he decided to have fireworks cap his toast after dinner. I don’t think there was an undropped jaw in the room.

I also learned to watch out for mischievous family members. An older gentleman started tickling my armpit while I was holding the camera over my head to film some dancing.

So remember, drink chocolate if you can, and use mouthwash if you eat goat cheese in public.