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Zane’s Photo Shoot

January 3, 2010

Back in October, Alida’s photography class did some ghost photos (long exposures paired with creepy models).  Zane was one of those creepy models, and is always game for a photo shoot.

Since he is such a fantastic model, we figured it would be fun to go out and do a shoot just with him. Good idea.

I love this photo

We had a blast watching Zane rock his eccentric clothing and prop combo. I’ve been sitting on this footage for a while and decided to do something with it while I take a break from some client projects. Enjoy!

Make sure you visit Alida’s Facebook fan page and get the updates when she does more work! And feel free to contact us if you want to do a photo shoot of your own. As Zane proves here, you don’t have to be a high school senior to do a cool photo shoot!



October 11, 2009

I didn’t see any real ghosts, although that would be pretty cool.  Like the spiders, I would be terrified but still insist on filming.

Anyway,  last week Alida took her students out for her fall ghost photo shoot. Every year she demonstrates things like multiple exposures and long exposures, that can make people appear like ghosts. Every year we do a bit more, this year we had models, makeup, costumes, and fog machines. I brought my camera along to show what goes on behind the scenes. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to include any of the students, since that would be in violation of the college’s rules. I will, however, link to their artwork if Alida ends up posting it on her website. Until then, here’s what we did.