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What the Health?!

February 9, 2010

I’ve been focusing a lot on my work with the paper lately, and that isn’t because I’m not doing other things. I’m just waiting until I have something significant to show from those other projects. Some things I’ll be writing about soon: a new piece of video equipment, some more Troupe hilarity, experiences from an 8mm film shoot, and boxing DVDs.

But for now, here is a look back at some funny health segments I did at the H&R. We still do a segment called “What the Health?!”, but it’s been a while since we used this skit format.

I play the lovable slacker who doesn’t take his health seriously, and health reporter Annie Getsinger plays herself, with odd powers that we never explain.

The turnaround time from writing to posting wasn’t very long, but we were running out of material that fit the skit format. Someday we will bring this back and it will be hilarious. But until then, you can see the highlights. If you want to see the full versions, visit the “What the Health?!” blog. You can also see the videos where we interviewed Jerry Mathers and Richard Simmons. Not together.

I leave you with this, click the image to see the video:

Check your Halloween candy, you never know what people put in it...


Mr. Freeze update!

January 27, 2010

As I promised, I have a link to the video that explains why I did this:

Follow the link HERE to view the video on the Herald & Review website!

Why is Elvis in a garbage can?

January 26, 2010

Anybody know why I would do this to the King?

Hint: It's not just because I'm a Beatles fan

If you don’t know, and would like to find out, you need to watch the latest “At My Desk” on!

Like previous gags, I took something Tim Cain said and fleshed it out quite literally. Check out the video HERE!

Hickory the screech owl

September 14, 2009

In August, I went to the Illinois State Fair to shoot a video for the Herald & Review. While I was there I got a nice shot of Scovill Zoo’s screech owl, Hickory.

I only ended up using a very small clip in the final video, but I really don’t think it does him justice. You really have to see him in action to appreciate the giant eyes and nervous tongue wagging. Enjoy.

Football season is here!

August 26, 2009

Those of you who are into high school football are probably fully aware that the preps season is just getting started. That means a busy time for me. As videographer for the Herald & Review, I am one of two videographers responsible for being out every Friday night catching the action for the website. Once football season is over, we do the same with basketball. It may come as a surprise to those who know me, but I’m really excited about the start of the season.

That’s not to say that I have anything against sports, I’ve just always been known to pass them up for arts and music. In high school I was a thespian. In college I was an artist and musician. In both stages of my life I never really went out of my way to attend  sports events. I’d go to a baseball game now and then, but wasn’t painting my face or yelling at the players. But now going into my fourth year of covering sports I understand first-hand what I was missing. The energy in the crowds at some of these high school games is so intense that being on the sidelines to catch it is incredible.  The fact that I’m able to capture the action and then show it off to people makes it even more exciting. Now keep in mind, I only do the filming and editing. The sports reporters at the H&R still do the reporting, and the on-camera recaps of the games. During my first year shooting preps I gave the voice-overs a shot, and we all agreed that it was best to have me stick to the shooting and editing.

So, as the season approaches,  I look forward to the sights and smells of the field. I also start preparation for dodging the players that are thrown out of bounds. I’ve only been taken down twice in my 3 years of covering preps, once during football, and once during basketball. Both were minor incidents, but I will still be trying my best to avoid replays of those. Luckily for everybody, the camera was rolling both times.

  • Here I was at a holiday basketball tournament, and another camera guy was asking me if there was food in the back. I started to tell him about the awesome noodles and didn’t see the ball coming right over my head. I also didn’t see the airborne player trying to save it from going out of bounds. At least the camera saw some of him as we all spiraled to the ground.
  • This time I was actually paying attention to the game, but was still unable to avoid being crushed. I landed on my arm first, breaking my watch and cutting my arm with the twisted metal from the clasp. Then my head hit the ground, breaking the camera’s fall.

Aside from that I’ve been relatively injury-free at work. I did get hit in the head and ankle when we covered the Asian Carp on the Illinois River. Unfortunately there was no good footage to illustrate just how bad it hurts to get hit in the head with a 15 pound fish that jumps into your speeding boat.

So as the preps season heats up, if you are at a game, take a look at the sidelines. There’s a good chance you’ll see me there. If you do, it wouldn’t hurt to buy me a popcorn from the concession stand. Until then, check out for all  of the videos I shoot and edit.

More animals!

August 15, 2009

I really can’t help myself when it comes to filming animals. If the opportunity is there, I take it.

At the Illinois State Fair, they have “Decatur Day” where the community can show off what it has to offer. Among the different groups and businesses that show up is the Scovill Zoo. Every time I cover Decatur Day, I shoot some footage of the animals. Usually it’s the little gator that draws a pretty nice crowd. Here is the story that the video goes with, along with a photo of the gator I am talking about.

Yesterday, I was introduced to a member of Scovill Zoo that I’ve never seen before: Hickory the Screech Owl.

Hickory the Screech Owl

Hickory the Screech Owl

This little guy was awesome. He was about the size of a Furby, and looked almost fake enough to be one. His huge eyes, blinking one after the other at me, looked big and plastic. But he was real, and he got kind of nervous as I brought the camera closer to get a shot of him. As a result, his neck feathers started to ruffle, and his beak opened up for me to see his tongue wiggling around. It was pretty hilarious, but I didn’t want to give him a little heart attack, so I backed off after I got my shot. After he calmed back down I went back and seized the chance to pet him.

After filming Hickory, I went over to shoot some more displays. Before I could start recording, Ken Lowe, the reporter for this story, nearly karate chopped me in the back to get my attention. Frantically pointing back at the zoo display he says, “Snake! Shedding! Go!” So I dart over to the zoo area and sure enough there is a snake slipping out of his skin. A large group of children had already gathered around the cage, so I couldn’t get the camera in for an overhead view. Instead I filmed past their heads and through the glass and got what I needed.

Snake! Shedding! Go!

Snake! Shedding! Go!

As usual, I can’t post the video here because it belongs on the Herald & Review site. And, since the video was about Decatur Day, and not just the zoo, I didn’t get to use as much of the animal footage as I would have liked. However, if you want to see the snake slipping into something more comfortable, and an owl’s tongue wagging, all set to some cool drum-line music, check it out here!

Why are you here?

June 8, 2009

Hello everybody, and welcome to the main hub of my creative process.

This blog will hopefully serve multiple purposes. First of all, I hope to entertain you with a collection of things that I do, either for work or for play. And secondly I hope to keep people informed and interested in my different creative endeavors. Here are some examples of things that may show up in the very near future:

  • Links to videos I do for the Herald & Review newspaper. Since the ol’ H&R relies on advertising sitting next to videos on the site, I cannot embed the videos directly onto my blog. That’s a drag, but as long as you don’t mind, I’ll send you over there. Check around whenever you feel like it:
  • Links to different projects I do with, an extremely talented group of silly makers. I highly reccomend checking their site out.
  • Updates on personal projects.  I am currently working on two scripts. One involves zombies, and one involves an unlikely pimp. Check often for pre-production updates, storyboard art, script snippets, and even some animatics (animated storyboards)!
  • And finally, this will serve as a showing place for finished products.

So hopefully that’s enough to keep you interested for now. I’ll also probably ramble on about different projects. I shoot weddings and events, so I may share some of that, and link to my wife’s website ( to share her work.  On top of the video work which is my main passion, I am also a musician. I may feel the need to share that also.

So that’s enough about me. What about you? Who are you, what brought you here, and what’s going to (hopefully) bring you back?