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I love Miracle Whip

August 24, 2011

I don’t love the taste, though, just the marketing.

When was the last time a company said, “Hey, could you insult the crap out of our product for us in return for a shot at $25,000?”

That’s what Miracle Whip is doing it in the form of a video contest. Take a look at their YouTube channel for their own examples, and a ton of contest entries. Here is what the rules ask for:

The video should detail how your feelings for Miracle Whip impact your relationship as in “keeping you together/married” or “potentially sending you to divorce court” and state if you are unified in love, unified in hate, or divided in love and hate.

Sure, there are a few couples who chose the “we both love your product” route, but most people are going with “my wife loves it, but I think it tastes like bottled yak spit.”

In my entry, I was planning on taking the “call your product yak spit” road, but ended up accidentally admitting I like it.

Even though I don’t. Enjoy, and wish me luck!


Oh, What a Laugh

April 18, 2011

It’s finally finished!

In December I filmed this short Christmas comedy. It was too late to have it ready by Christmas, but releasing it the week before Easter actually makes sense once you watch it.

I’ve got a few more projects in pre-production mode, so hopefully this is the first of many short comedies to be gracing my site.

Now here comes the fair warning for family, friends, and clients: this is a fictitious piece of work, and it contains naughty language and situations. Especially if you stay past the credits…

I’ll leave it at that and trust that if you hit play, you are cool with some good ol’ sophomoric humor. Enjoy!

UPDATE: I don’t know how I missed this, but I completely left out a “Thank You” to Madison’s parents, Steve and Angel Gentry! They took time out to have Madison rehearse the music, and then bring her out to a few different shoots. I don’t know how I overlooked that, but I’ll say it here: Thank you!