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5D Mark II + Lensbaby

August 31, 2009

After taking my first swing at shooting video on the 5D Mark II, I was eager to try more. It wasn’t hard to choose the next round.

A while back, I bought Alida a Lensbaby. If you’ve never seen one, it’s a weird, stubby little lens that moves around like an accordion. The in-and-out motion controls focus, and the side-to-side motion controls the “sweet spot” of that focus. The challenging part is, the lens doesn’t just stay put after you find that sweet spot. It will bounce back to its original position if you let go, so you need to use three fingers to hold it in position, and then use your pointer finger to snap the photo.

Here’s my first attempt at shooting video with the Lensbaby. I already have a few ideas for utilizing this look in future projects.


5D Mark II video

August 31, 2009

My wonderful wife, Alida, has had Canon’s 5D Mark II for a while now. I was extremely excited about it, since it shoots in full HD, yet for some reason never really took the time to go out and test it.

Yesterday we were out in a soybean field because Alida needed some photos. While she was shooting, I saw a little wooly worm helping himself to a leaf.

Me kissing the wooly worm

Me kissing the wooly worm

Alida already had a nice macro lens equipped on the camera, so we decided to film the wooly worm. It was really challenging! At first, we both tried it hand-held, and that proved to be way too difficult. Not only were our hands too shaky, but the depth of field was so shallow, the slightest movement took the shot out of focus. So we grabbed a tripod and started filming. By the time we got the tripod set up, he had stopped eating, but we did get some really neat footage of him moving around. I love watching the feet.

Next I try video with the Lensbaby!