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Make it snappy

July 19, 2010

As Alida was driving home from work, she saw a baby snapping turtle about to wander into a busy street. Before she could finish asking me if I wanted to go with her to save it, I was already putting my shoes on and running for the driveway to wait for her.

Now, I always want to get in and fidget with nature. I’m tempted to pet it, hold it, follow it around, etc., so Alida was extra protective and kept warning me not to grab it with my bare hands.

So I scooped the little guy up in a styrofoam cup that was littered a few feet away from  him, and tossed him in a bag that we had in the trunk. We took him over to a nearby creek and let him go where he would have a better chance of keeping away from traffic.

Hopefully my interfering with nature didn’t set off a series of events that shifts the local ecological system. If it did, I’ll delete this post and deny any involvement with the turtle rescue.

NOTE: I feel the need to explain the bad quality of the video. When I ran out the door, I didn’t think about filming it. So, I used my phone for this one.


Troupe and eggs

February 28, 2010

You can’t make an omelet without breaking some eggs. I think that’s the saying. As it turns out, you can’t make the Troupe Dynamic March top-ten list without breaking eggs either. Luckily I had the trusty low-res camera phone to capture the shot until the finished product is posted.

Still not sure if you want to check out the March video? How about this?

The sheepopotamus will come for you with his razor...

There we go. See you at at the beginning of the month.

UPDATE! The video is posted!

Fine art

September 22, 2009

In my last post, I promised proof that I spend my time on more than just animal videos. This weekend was chock full of extra-vocational activities, one of which involved helping my wife with her job. Alida is the gallery facilitator for the David Erlanson Gallery at Richland Community College. One of her many duties is to book artists and hang the shows, and we make quite the show-hanging duo.  As graduates of Millikin University’s art department, we have plenty of gallery experience, so hanging multiple shows in a month is usually a piece of cake. Until this month, when the artist submitted over 50 pastel drawings with specific hanging instructions. Once again, my phone came in handy for documentary purposes.

Stacks of work

53 pieces of art on the floor...


Spotting the work according to the artist's grid

Preparing for a center line

Measuring for the center line

Not looking forward to the job

"Don't make me do it!"

First grouping done

First grouping? No problem.

Second grouping done, still a lot more to go

Second grouping done, still a lot more to go...

Main wall done

Main wall done

Other two walls done

Other two walls done

Alida, passed out from exhaustion

Alida, passed out from exhaustion

To be honest, it wasn’t really that bad, and those hanging instructions came in very handy. We did spend a ton of time on Sunday night, but it went up quite easily. And if you notice that the art is crooked, don’t worry. They were level when we hung them, we just had to add and remove tags from the back after they were hung. The next day the gallery workers happily cleaned and leveled them.

As you can see in the photos, it’s an incredible show, and Richland has a really neat gallery space. If you have any interest in the arts, or if you like to hang out in a triangular glass room and drink punch, go to the reception. The artist will be there to speak about her work, and there will be a silent auction with proceeds going to Darfur refugees. Here’s some more info!

Go see this show!

Go see this show!

More animals? Why not?

September 20, 2009

I promise, I really do have other things going on. Real projects from real clients. But while those large edits and bigger deals take up most of my time, I keep running into these quirky things that I can’t help filming. These are actually a bit older, but I just finished clearing photos and video off my phone and thought I’d share.

Remember the woodpecker I was griping about? The one that landed on my window and I didn’t film him on time? Here’s the photo I got.

Stupid bird

Stupid bird

The relevance the bird has to this post is my phone’s role. I was so upset that I missed the chance to use my phone to film something that you don’t see every day. These two clips were shot on my phone when I saw something funny.

This one, like the owl video, is from the Illinois State Fair. Alida and I were wandering around the pig building and saw this little guy sleeping. You know how a dog will run and move its mouth while it sleeps? I never knew pigs did that when they slept.

As far as I know opossums are nocturnal. Still, this little lady was standing out in the middle of the street in broad daylight. I stopped my car in front of it, and it moped its way onto the nearest lawn. As it did, I saw a baby clinging to her belly. I pulled my car into the oncoming lane and grabbed my phone. If you look closely at the back leg, you can see the baby’s tail wrapped around it.

Soon I’ll have wedding videos, conference videos, music, and all sorts of new work up. For now, just believe me that I don’t just spend all of my time playing with spiders and butterflies. Although that doesn’t sound too bad…

High fashion, low res

August 3, 2009

A few posts ago I introduced my awesome new camera, the Canon XHA1. Well now it’s time for me to show you the other weapon in my arsenal: the LG Xenon!

Yes, it’s a phone. Yes, it shoots video at 320×240 pixels. And yes, I actually shot something with it that I think is worth a crap. This is why:

My beautiful wife was doing a fashion shoot downtown, and I was tagging along to play assistant. Sometimes I work the reflector, sometimes I’m watching for excessive blinking. Anyway, I meet her at the Transfer House downtown and see that her friend and former student, Nicole, has done some awesome hair and makeup for the shoot. I start regretting that I don’t have my camera with me, but remember that my new phone shoots video, and has an 8 gig micro-SD card in it. So I started shooting with it, and was pretty happy with the results. Of course it’s grainy, and a bit choppy, but some of the shots were too good to pass up. So here it is, my QVGA video paired up with Alida’s 21.1 megapixel photos:

I am pretty sure that we will be shooting with them in the future, and next time I’ll bring the good camera. But I can rest assured that if I am caught somewhere without my XHA1, I’ll still be happy with my tiny little camera phone. Hey, what’s good for Flight of the Conchords is good for me!