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Love Stories

December 7, 2010

One of the services I offer when I shoot weddings is the option to do a “Love Story.” I’ll interview the bride and groom about how they met and fell in love, and put their accounts side by side. Sometimes it’s emotional, sometimes it’s funny, but it’s always fun for the bride and groom to have that story preserved forever.

When a friend from Millikin hired Alida and I to shoot his wedding, he and his fiance wanted to shoot a love story before the wedding so it could play at the reception.

Normally I have to shoot them on the day of the wedding, stealing a few minutes with the bride and groom when they aren’t busy. Having time to set up the shoot before hand was really great. Being able to watch the Emily and Brady view the video for the first time, and seeing their reactions, was even better.

I think this is something I am going to try and do more often.


College projects

November 3, 2009

After sharing Lucky Larry, I felt bad about not posting the video itself. Then I remembered I have a bunch of ridiculous projects from my video production classes at Millikin.

Complete with fancy VHS case!

Complete with fancy VHS case!

Each one of these videos features me being stupid in one way or another. Be advised, all of these videos would rank up in the PG-13 range for some inappropriate language and sexual references. They are also class projects, so cut me some slack on the production values.

Here’s a teaser trailer to give you a taste of the madness:

The first project is called “The Hazards of College.” Yes, I notice that I spelled it wrong on the box. During this production, I give terrible advice about surviving college. Fun facts: that really was my nasty dorm sophomore year, and that really was what I looked like.

The next is called “Missing Work.” I star as myself, a procrastinating student with facial hair that changes constantly during the entire video. Fun fact: the dream sequence is from a Family Guy episode.

“Action News 8” was one of my favorites to film, and foreshadows my future career in the media industry. If you are wondering why the video goes black and white for a while, it was a failed joke. The script called for an old “Emmett Kelly”-type hobo to dance through the frame. While he was on screen, everything was supposed to look old-timey. A pointless gag that didn’t quite work. Fun fact: My wife, Alida, makes her debut as one of the photographers “swarming” the scene.

My favorite of all was called “Group Dynamics.” Fun facts: The music was written and recorded by co-star Ray Noelle. Alida makes her second appearance, making out with me in the back of the editing room!

Since working on these, I think I’ve grown a little bit. I am proud to say that my work ethic and appearance has changed for the better. My sense of humor is still the same, but I have outlets for that. Some projects I am working on will feature sex, drugs, and zombies. Until then, I leave you with one more bit of college goodness… the blooper reel!