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Illinois Raptor Center

May 11, 2010

The Illinois Raptor Center is a nonprofit organization that has specialized in wildlife rehabilitation and conservation education since 1991.  Visit their website for all sorts of cool information! Right now, 21 injured birds are full-time residents, and are included in educational programs around the state, which means some really cool opportunities for me, the news videographer.

A couple posts back I included a picture of the huge cicada killer wasp. That was a part of a new IRC bug collection. See the H&R video HERE!

A week after shooting that video there was another story involving the IRC, so I made sure I was there. Program Director Jacques Nuzzo brought a few birds of prey to Baum School for an Art and Nature demonstration. Along with all of the wings and feet the students got to feel and pass around, they also got to see a live Kestrel, Red Tail Hawk, and Barn Owl. Check out the video HERE!

And for those of you who just want to skip to the good part, here is a clip from the H&R video that features Banshee the barn owl eating a dead mouse… in three gulps.

After shooting those two videos I vaguely remembered interviewing Mr. Nuzzo in the past. Turns out I filmed him with an injured Bald Eagle during my first month working for the Herald & Review, in June 2006. Apparently that eagle is named Ruby, and is now a permanent resident at the IRC.

While we normally don’t allow embedding of our videos on other websites, this one was old enough that I was able to grab it and throw it on YouTube for nostalgia. Below is the very low-res video I dug up from my first days at the H&R. When you’re done watching it, check out Ruby’s page on the IRC site for more of her story, and information about donations!


Animals eating

June 30, 2009

I’ve already established in a previous post that I’m an animal lover.

A few weeks ago, I was sitting in my office at home when a woodpecker landed on my window screen. I had just bought a new video phone, and was psyched at the chance to use it on the spot. I dropped to the floor and army-crawled to the window. I crept up and got an amazing shot of the bird. Then he moved up past the blinds, so I opened them up. He just stared at me, right at the camera. I was dying with laughter, completely excited that I was going to put this up on my blog. After he flew away I looked down to stop recording. Then I realized that I WASN’T RECORDING! I was so mad, but I got over it.

So last week,  I came across another unique occurrence. A Red-Tailed Hawk was in a tree outside the Herald & Review, and it was helping itself to some baby Robins. The air was filled with frantic chirps of the adult birds that were trying to fend off the Hawk. They were taking passes at him, pecking him as they flew by, but it didn’t phase him enough to make him stop. Now, my sympathetic side felt terrible for the Robins, and I considered passing it up. But then the part of me that was still bitter about missing that woodpecker said, “How often will you be able to film something like this?” So I grabbed the camera and got to work. The nest was on one of the lowest branches on the tree, so I was incredibly close to the action. As it was eating, the Hawk knocked the nest out of the tree. After that happened, it just stared at me, waiting for me to leave so he could jump down and finish his meal. If you are sensitive, and seeing a Hawk eat some babies would make you sad, I would suggest skipping the video, and reading the rest of this post.

Before I shot that Hawk footage, I had set the camera up in front of my turtle’s cage during feeding time. She’s a box turtle, and I love Aqua Teen Hunger Force, so I named her after one of the characters, Boxy Brown. Alida helped me realize how well that name fit. Anyway, if you enjoy cute animals, watch this turtle eat.

So what do you prefer? Nature in the raw, or animals being cute?