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Senior Portraits

October 11, 2010

As wedding season draws to a close we are starting to book more family and senior portraits. This weekend we got to spend some time with Taylor Irons.

Alida hard at work

Now, I don’t know if it’s ADD, our tree-hugging nature, or a combination of both, but we just can’t help getting excited about the animals we encounter on our shoots.

While shooting in Central Park, we noticed some squirrels flirting and chasing each other. Taylor and her mom were amused as well, so we all paused to watch them.

Their hormones overrode the usual instinct to stay far away from humans, and they came right over to us. The male took a break in the bushes about a foot away from Taylor’s mom, so Alida snapped a few photos.

He's just playing hard-to-get

Casanova is now ready to chase his mate into the street some more

So that was pretty fun. If you think the squirrel photos are cool, wait until you see the shots Alida got of Taylor. Whenever they are posted, I’ll make sure to link to them! Check back soon!


Shooting Shavon

October 19, 2009

Do you remember the fashion shoot video I did with my phone? The one with the crazy awesome models? Well Shavon was the girl in the prom dress.

After she saw the photos that my wonderful wife took, she immediately booked Alida for senior portraits. This time, I made sure to bring a real camera.

Be sure to check out the amazing photos HERE on my wife’s blog!