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Allerton Park

October 8, 2009

I mention my wife on this blog pretty often. That’s not only because she rocks, but it’s also because we do a lot of stuff together. As a photography teacher, she spends a lot of time trying to get her students out of the classroom and shooting photos. When they do fun things, I usually tag along.

Monday, we all took a trip to Allerton Park in Monticello. While the students were wandering around shooting landscapes, I was looking for something to point a macro lens at. A while ago I promised to film more spiders to make up for the butterflies. Well, I found a spider, but I also couldn’t help shooting another butterfly.

The spider was about the size of a dime, and unlike the big, lazy spiders I filmed before, this one wouldn’t stop moving. The butterfly I expected to be jumpy, but I think it was injured. After taking advantage of his limited mobility for a while, I took him off the pavement and set him in the grass.

Later in the week, Alida took her class out to do ghost photos. I filmed some of that, so that should be up fairly soon.


Big spider

September 14, 2009

As soon as I finished shooting the baby spiders in my garage, I knew I was going to have to bring out the camera for some more close-up nature stuff. That same night, as I was going out to my car, I saw a huge spider building a web on the corner of my house.

It was a little more difficult to get this footage, since I had to work around his schedule to get him building the web, and then wait for him to catch something and eat it. It took a few different nights of going out with the lights and sitting patiently, but it was worth it. Again, full screen in HD is the way to watch this.

I already have a few more videos like this in the works. I was just out in my garden today with a macro lens filming butterflies. Not quite as intense and creepy as the spiders, but I’m comfortable enough with my masculinity to film butterflies. But, just to be clear, there will be more spiders. I just noticed tonight that the big guy from this video has a tiny neighbor. One of those little babies has moved out of the garage and into the bushes, setting up a little web. We’ll be checking in on him soon.

Baby spiders!

September 5, 2009

Spiders creep me out, but they also fascinate me. I worked as a janitor at the Marina Towers in Chicago for a summer during college college. One of my duties was to go up to the 36th floor roof and kill all of the spiders that had made webs on the wrought iron bars. While I was up there knocking down webs and squishing huge spiders, I also saw some really cool stuff.

One day I saw a web flailing wildly in the wind, so the spider went around and released every other line in the web. It cut his wind resistance in half, and then he went back to the center and chilled. I left him alive.

Even though they do give me the willies, I can’t help watching them. So when I went into my garage and saw that a new family had moved in, I postponed my initial reaction, which was to drown them in Raid. Instead, I grabbed the camera and got a closer look at the babies. For full effect, I highly suggest viewing full screen in HD.