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Boat safety

August 2, 2010

Last week a story ran in the Herald & Review about boat safety.

The week before I went out to shoot the video that went along with it. I met reporter Annie Getsinger and photographer Stephen Haas at the lake and we hopped onto a boat with Lake Maintenance Supervisor Joe Nihiser. Joe and Annie were sitting in nice, bolted down, cushioned seats. Stephen and I were in the back on some cafeteria chairs.

Although we were out there to do a story about the importance of following rules and safety procedures, it didn’t stop the boss from having some fun with us. Before you watch, I would like to say that we all made it back in one piece, and our equipment was unharmed. I don’t want to get anyone in trouble, I just thought this would be fun to share, since Stephen already has a fear of boats:


Prehensile lips and cameras

March 25, 2010

Every once and a while I get on here and rave about how cool my job is, or about how much I love animals. I guess I pretty much did both in my last post about the snake. Sorry to be one-note, but I’m doing it again.

This week, Scovill Zoo director Ken Frye took reporter Ashley Rueff, photographer Stephen Haas, and myself around the place to see some new faces, as well as a few animals that they suspect are preggers.

While we were there, we learned about the prehensile lips that camels use to maneuver their food. We learned they can also use them to grasp would-be food, such as a camera. Although Ashley and I got to pet Seymore the camel, Stephen Haas earned the title “Camel Whisperer” here at the Herald & Review. See for yourself:

After that episode, I couldn’t help but pay very close attention to the llama in the petting zoo, since it belongs to the same weird-lipped family of the camels. Enjoy this close look at the way those smackers work:

Check back April 1 for a link to the full story and video on!

Happy “Noon” Year!

December 31, 2009

Today I was introduced to a fantastic ritual at the Children’s Museum of Illinois, here in Decatur. The idea is simple: get the celebration over with early, so the kid’s aren’t up late.

When my brother and I were little and spent New Year’s Eve at my Aunt’s house, she had the same idea, and told us it was midnight when, in fact, it was about 9pm. We would get just as excited, count down, celebrate, bang pots and pans, and pass out. The Museum took that a couple steps further.

Today tons of kids stood under a net that held up balloons and confetti. At noon, they celebrated the new year with a bang. Who were the only adults allowed into the ground zero of confetti? The media! I love my job!

Me covered in confetti (Photo by Stephen Haas)

As we were all scrambling to get shots of the kids running amuck with hands full of confetti and balloons, I noticed one boy dumping out an entire bag onto somebody. That somebody happened to be the Herald & Review photographer, Stephen Haas. Luckily for me, the camera was rolling for that one. You can hear reporter Annie Getsinger in the background telling him what he has to look forward to, since he’s a new father.

After the crowds dissipated and the mess was cleaned, I made my way to the door and noticed something that I had to get a shot of. There is a life-sized pin thing (those things that you stick your hand in and it makes the shape in pins), and somebody had lifted up a baby and shoved it in, face first. From the expression on this imprint, the baby did not think it was as fun as whatever adult shoved it in there. Either way, I thought it was hilarious.

Terrifying or hilarious? I vote both.

So that was the beginning of my New Year’s eve. You can check out the full-length video on the Herald & Review’s site HERE.

I’m also knee deep in about 3 different videos right now that I’ll be finishing as we enter 2010. The one that will be done the soonest is from a shoot that we did with Zane. You may recognize him from the ghost video that I did. If you aren’t already a fan, I suggest checking out Alida Duff Sullivan Photography on Facebook, where you can see more pictures like the following!


So look forward to that, but for now have a happy and safe New Year!