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Something with tentacles…

June 29, 2011

Wedding season is in full swing, which means I have tons to talk about. But I need to get some editing done before I blog about this year’s experiences. I will say I’ve done 4 weddings so far, and I already have a lot of fun stories to share.

So, until I get those posts up, I figured I’d throw out a teaser for an upcoming project. Here is a poorly white-balanced storyboard frame from an action-romance featuring some wicked tentacles.

Allison Petty helps out by standing in as the victim

The cast and most of the crew are set, we just need to finish some prop-making and then find time to shoot it! If you are interested in helping out, please contact me! My email address is


Zombie Movie

June 8, 2009

Right now I have a lot of projects in front of me, but the one that I am the most excited about is the zombie movie.  It will be a series of short “webisodes” that will be collected into a short film in the end. Here’s the main idea:

The zombie apocalypse has happened, and zombies are now commonplace. Unlike their movie counterparts, zombies are not brain-hungry monsters breaking into abandoned buildings to eat you alive. They don’t even turn you into a zombie if they bite you, it just hurts like hell. They are more like raccoons, getting into the trash and pissing everybody off. One man gets it in his head that zombies and people should be able to coexist, so he wrangles himself a zombie and reintroduces him to society. This movie will follow the zombies rise and fall.

I have 8 episodes roughed out, with 8 more probably needed to complete the idea. The first episode has been storyboarded by pencil-magician Scott Powers of Here’s a taste:

Check back for more Zombified updates!

Karma Animatic

June 8, 2009

This project is short enough that it probably didn’t need an animated storyboard, but I get impatient. Not only will this help me to set up my shots when it comes time to film, but it will satisfy my desire to see and hear it, instead of just reading it on paper. I should probably also add that this video contains some naughty language. Viewer beware!

Other than my bad voice-over, what do you think? I’ll give updates when I get the shoot scheduled.