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Troupe and eggs

February 28, 2010

You can’t make an omelet without breaking some eggs. I think that’s the saying. As it turns out, you can’t make the Troupe Dynamic March top-ten list without breaking eggs either. Luckily I had the trusty low-res camera phone to capture the shot until the finished product is posted.

Still not sure if you want to check out the March video? How about this?

The sheepopotamus will come for you with his razor...

There we go. See you at at the beginning of the month.

UPDATE! The video is posted!


It will all make sense, I promise

January 25, 2010

Here’s another taste of the nonsense that is Troupe Dynamic!

My last troupe-related post included some photos from our latest Thrive shoot. Here are some more from the top-ten portion of the video.

I think I do the late Mr. Swayze justice. Demi could use some work...

I don't trust these doctors...

Again, I can’t explain what is going on, but I promise it will all make sense once you see the video in February! Until then check out our previous video, along with the extra clip on Troupe Dynamic’s site. Be warned, there is some light-hearted adult humor included in some of our work.