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Slow motion snow

December 23, 2009

I used to love the snow. Then came the age I was responsible for shoveling snow for my parents. Next, I got my license and had to tolerate it on the road. I didn’t think I’d ever enjoy the snow again.

Then I became a homeowner. I thought I’d hate it more, since I’m responsible for a huge driveway. But the other day I was driving home from a Troupe Dynamic shoot and was mesmerized by the snow coming down. When I got home I grabbed the camera and decided this would be a good time to test out a nice slow-motion shot. The snow was already very serene, why not slow it down and soak it in?

There are a lot of different ways I’ve seen to do good slow-motion, I went with a simple option: shoot in 60i and slow it down in a 24p workspace. I think it worked out pretty nice. Next time I’ll try it in After Effects.

So here it is, some slow-motion snow around my house to get you in the Christmas spirit. Or holiday, whatever milks your cookies.


Meredith and Patrick

October 27, 2009

This summer Alida and I had the pleasure of shooting a friend’s wedding!

Back at Millikin University, we took tons of art classes with Meredith. We even spent two weeks with her on an Immersion Photography class trip to the southwest. When we heard she was getting married, we were excited to hear that not only did she want us at the wedding, she wanted us to capture it for her.

I’ll post a link to the photos when they are up. Here are the engagement shots for the happy couple.

The whole day was a blast. The wedding party was fun to work with and very photogenic. Between the ceremony and reception we went to a beautiful park to get some formal shots. We were there for about ten minutes and got stormed on. Everybody took it well and we moved on to the reception. As you can see, the groomsmen didn’t pass up the chance to frolic in the rain. A few more things that made this wedding unique and awesome:

  • The best man “made it rain” with the dollar dance money
  • The groomsmen were all in favor of doing a “Reservoir Dogs” intro
  • The couple’s first dance was to Metallica

You can’t get much better than that!

Josh and Amber: their love story

October 23, 2009

One of my favorite things to shoot at a wedding is the love story. I work at a newspaper, so interviewing is part of my daily routine. When it comes to couples at a wedding, it’s fun to hear them recall how they met, and what led up to this huge event in their lives. I get a kick out of hearing what little details each one remembers and emphasizes, and how the stories match up.

The last couple I shot was a blast, and had no problem sharing their story with me. During her interview, the bride consistently mentioned how surprised she was by the proposal. During his interview, the groom kept saying, “I think she saw it coming.” I enjoy those little details, and every time I finish a video I think of new questions I want to ask the next couple.


October 11, 2009

I didn’t see any real ghosts, although that would be pretty cool.  Like the spiders, I would be terrified but still insist on filming.

Anyway,  last week Alida took her students out for her fall ghost photo shoot. Every year she demonstrates things like multiple exposures and long exposures, that can make people appear like ghosts. Every year we do a bit more, this year we had models, makeup, costumes, and fog machines. I brought my camera along to show what goes on behind the scenes. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to include any of the students, since that would be in violation of the college’s rules. I will, however, link to their artwork if Alida ends up posting it on her website. Until then, here’s what we did.

Keeping busy

July 29, 2009

This past week has been pretty awesome. I’ve spent the last several days on a variety of different projects. Here is the latest:

Saturday, a friend needed somebody to run a camera for him at the Civic Center. 1st-8th graders were performing versions of Disney’s 101 Dalmatians and Aladdin. It was pretty fun, I hadn’t seen either in a long time, and after hearing all the music I really wanted to go back and see them, especially Aladdin. I also got to work with a pretty cool guy who has been in the video business for a long time.

Sunday, my beautiful wife had a family portrait session, so I tagged along with the new XH-A1. We met a group of about 16 at the lake and found some really neat settings. It was a very new experience for two reasons. First, that’s the largest group we’ve ever worked with outside of a wedding; second, one of them was on crutches, which limited the shooting locations. That was a fun shoot, especially because Alida’s former student set it up, and she knew exactly what she wanted.

Monday, I did a shoot for another contest. This one deserves it’s own post, because the subject matter is a bit more complex, so I’ll give more information later. For now I’ll just say the shoot had to do with a dog, arthritis, and some really cool machines. I won’t post anything from the actual contest until we have it done and entered, but I can post something with the same flavor. While I was filming, there was a dachshund in the next room doing some physical rehab to recover from some surgery. Check it out:

And finally, Tuesday we finished the “21 Film Project” video! I’ll be posting that video here after the July 31st deadline. In the coming weeks we’ll find out if it makes it to the finals. If it does, they will have a screening on August 22nd and announce the winners. Wish us luck!

That’s what I’ve been up to lately. I’ll have some material up soon to prove it!